“And I remind you…..the truth is essential, but without love, it’s unbearable”….Reitzinger Cardinale (aka Pope Benedict XVI,   Caritas et veritas….(charity in truth)

It took your parents/caregivers over 12,000 hours to get you to be able to brush your teeth independently and consistently everyday – and sometimes, even as grown-ups having done this routine +20,000x we still need a reminder to take 2 minutes total to spend 30 seconds in every quadrant of our mouths. Wow!!! What persistence and fortitude your caregivers had to achieve this most important life skill.  Did you know that in the early 1900’s only 7% of American household brushed their teeth or at least had toothpaste in their houses?  During World War 1 most of the Army recruits had such poor oral hygiene that the military considered dental disease a national crisis.  Good habits take TIME and it’s the one thing we are loathe to acknowledge in our “gotta have it NOW” culture.  What does this have to do with ‘charity in truth?’

It’s hard to change.  It’s challenging to alter our social norms and in this time of challenge, to spend time alone.   The base of this from my perspective is this: we have a real issue with Now.  Our cultural habit is to want everything Now at the same time denying what’s happening right Now.  I encourage you to read The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  The power of the present moment is a force for change and good that goes missing in our society.  For example, one of the ways we take ourselves out of the present moment, undermining our own power and life force energy for good, is the drinking culture we live in.  Alcohol is ubiquitous and socially sanctioned as a way to celebrate (weddings), grieve (funerals), relax (every social gathering), and just about everything in between. That said, with the social distancing required now due to COVID-19, we have to be present to the societal need to prevent a catastrophic load on our medical resources. Read more here:  https://www.cdc.gov/  We need to be mindful of what we do RIGHT NOW.  I was at a store yesterday, and kept my distance from the check out cash register and said “I’m social distancing.”  Others in line laughed and made fun of it.  One guy said, ‘I’m spreading my arms, no one come inside.”   I referred them to the CDC and how this virus can kill young, healthy people, and until it effects their family, maybe then they’d take it seriously.  Argh!  This is hard stuff.  Change is hard.  And without love for our common humanity, without knowledge and caring, it’s unbearable for sure.  I invite you to join us in 2 spiritual practices:

1) a quiet day: simply talk less or not at all. Just for one day. I did this today and it made me feel so much better!

2) roll out your mat and mediate now. Here’s one to start:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iGWdUTifIQ     Please watch your email for mediation and class content.  Mostly free, all current and based on the challenges of NOW.

We will get through this crisis.  We will be stronger because of it.  We will come home to our essential selves and take these practices with us.  I’m sure of it.

Mindfully and with a full heart,  Dr. Carla