When I went into my first hot yoga class a decade ago with a goal of getting Madonna arms, I never dreamed of the excavation that yoga would sculpt in my mind, body and spirit. I was a four sport athlete in high school and two sport athlete in college so the “no pain, no gain”  motto etched its way through my being as the only way to approach physical exercise and life. Yoga quickly taught me another perspective, and has healed my physical, emotional and spiritual injuries. I have learned to be patient with myself and not rush the process of life and growth. By cultivating an awareness of the breath and connecting that to a strong core, I aim to empower students to become mindful of their obstacles so that they can breakthrough them on and off of their mats. I am a High School English teacher by day, and love to incorporate my love of reading and writing with yoga and meditation. I am eager to share this beautiful practice with others, and to create a community of yogis that want to light up themselves and the world around them.