I fell in love with the feeling of being wrung out after yoga. Yoga opened me up; I was a gymnast as a kid, and miraculously could do back bends again after years of marathon running.  Trained as an English teacher and psychologist, my passion is offering ways for you to feel that same sense of relief and renewal.  I teach to connect body/mind in a way that’s fun and meaningful. I’m moved by the deep well of love and strength that yoga provides, the challenge and the open-heartedness it offers.

A certified yoga teacher since 2007, I just love the way an intelligent sequence opens the body.  I’ve trained with many master teachers (Baron Baptiste, Schuyler Grant, Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, senior Iyengar teachers, Paul Grilley, Judith Hanson-Lasater), and with their wisdom have created a unique flow that works for every body. I love anatomy, physiology and research on how yoga works emotionally and physiologically on all the body’s systems.  I aim to courageously live my dreams, and to provide effective tools through the four pillars of movement, strength, growth and peace, to inspire you to live yours.