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Our classes are open to everyone. All classes are drop-in, no pre-registration is required; although, you may sign-up through our website to reserve your spot. Bring a mat, towel and water. We focus on breath and movement of the whole body.

For hot classes, the room is 90 degrees.  All other classes are between 75-80 degrees. We don’t use a/c because your body is better supported for movement when it’s warm.

Ask questions and pace yourself. We are here for you. Private instruction available.
Bring an open mind and an empty stomach.

Take a look and see how our schedule fits yours, and
be sure to ask us to add class times that are convenient for you.

Flourish Yoga Basics - Flourish Yoga Project

An unheated foundations class to learn yoga poses from the ground up. A focus on alignment and technique that connects breath to movement.


This gently warm, flow class weaves together breath and mindful movement, with a wide-range of poses and accommodations to meet your needs.  It’s the beauty of vinyasa style yoga that focuses on open-heartedness and full-body integration.


A challenging, heated class to build strength, stamina and deep connection in the body and mind. Sweat, lengthen, and rejuvenate from the inside out.

Hot Yoga Strength - Flourish Yoga Project

Our challenging heated flow with weights to increase strength, tone and stamina. A workout like never before.


Come rest with us. Go deep into peaceful, restorative poses that nourish your soul inside out. Wear comfortable clothing, and arrive a few minutes early to get situated. You’ll be tucked comfortably into each pose while we breathe easily, together. You’ll float home $20


Learn yoga from the ground up! This is a basics/gentle class that focuses on various aspects of yoga practice, breaking it down so you can feel comfortable stepping into any Flourish open level class knowing how to breathe and to take from each class just what you need. Integration, mindful instruction, use of props, and the best relaxing atmosphere you can find!


This practice is for expectant and new moms to bond with their little ones in a quiet and connected way, while moving, stretching, and safely strengthening their bodies. The benefits of prenatal yoga include reduced stress, increased breathing efficiency, and reduced postpartum recovery time.


Come sit with us to create a mediation practice that will positively effect your health and well-being. Just sit and breathe, and be gently welcomed into a whole new world that exists over the bridge from your head to your heart. We teach all kinds of tools to help you (kriya which are breath and movement exercises to warm up, a variety of sitting styles, guided visualization).  This practice will change your life – if you let it.


A high intensity, full body, interval workout designed to burn calories and tone muscle. A true elite, cross training experience for all levels.


A unique, low-impact method that engages your muscles in a strong, yet gentle way.  Focuses on developing core strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination presented at multiple levels for all students.


This is a non-competitive, peaceful practice of poses and play for kids (preschoolers) and their favorite grown-up.  Taught in a series of 5 classes throughout the year, each themed class is 60 minutes and uses songs, rhymes, and stories woven into a yoga sequence with body games to increase feelings of competence and self-control.  Designed to help kids make sense of the world in a fun and playful way. “Come on grown-up, let’s get quiet and connect with each other!”


Yoga and well-being are practices for every day of your life – like brushing your teeth. We never arrive in yoga; we just come back to our mat again and again to cleanse our minds and bodies from the inside out. Chiseled triceps sure are nice, but ultimately, yoga is about cultivating inner peace, balance and strength.

Signing In: New Students: Fill out the waiver form and then talk to someone behind the desk.

Drop-ins: See desk staff.

Class-passes & unlimited members: Sign in and hit the studio.


Mat Care: Treat your mat more like clothing than a piece of furniture. Lavender spray is available in the studio, and your own hand towel or yogi toes is a good way to clean it right after class. And wash it every few weeks if you sweat a lot! (Launder by hand in the shower, or machine wash with a little detergent. Hang to dry, or put it in the dryer for 10-15 minutes on low – longer might damage your mat.)

Ewwww that smell….please be kind to the noses in the room. When sweaty clothes are left in your bag all day, they get a funky smell that’s hard to get rid of. When they’re washed and dried, they’re all better, but once you sweat in them again, there’s that worse than dirty socks smell, that tortures the yogis in your midst. Rinse your clothes after class if you have to stuff them in your bag for the day, and once that funky smell takes hold – it’s all over for that trendy tee. Synthetic fabrics are said to succumb faster than cotton.

I sweat so much, what should I do? Bring a towel with you to class – for your body and your mat. Mats can get slippery if you sweat a lot. Yogitoes or other skidless towels help.

What’s the deal with all those blankets and blocks and stuff? They are meant to support your practice, to give you easier access to a fuller expression of a pose; to support you. Some students love them, others just don’t. Always ask if you need help. And NEVER use a yoga blanket as a towel.

What should I wear? Some people prefer snug fitting clothes that can help with awareness of alignment, but others prefer a looser feel. Basically – wear whatever is comfortable. If you sweat a lot, cotton fabrics tend to be more absorbent than synthetics.


Most teachers start and end the class with chanting OM, the universal hum of connection. By chanting OM we acknowledge that we are part of a collective universe, that we breathe and practice in the same air, that we are together – the most significant part of coming to class! Oming is a way to respect the present moment and each other. Yoga is so much more than the poses we do. It’s about cultivating the life force latent within us to grow and to flourish. If you don’t know how to OM, just fake it – it feels good. If you feel uncomfortable, just soak in the sound around you until you do.


What IS ‘Flourish Flow’? Except for the workshops and specialty classes (i.e. cardio boot camp, Pilates), all the teachers at Flourish teach vinyasa – or flow – style yoga, and every teacher’s style reflects their training and personal interests. Vinyasa means to place in a special way, and its hallmark is uniting breath and movement. Some teachers emphasize longer holds; some like alignment, some meditative flow. Some play music; some prefer silence. Some Om, some don’t. However there is a unifying love of clarity and creativity, as well as a respect for the purifying power of movement that characterizes all the teachers at Flourish. We’re here for you and are open to your questions & feedback.

What level class should I take? For your safety and optimal growth, it’s important that you practice at the appropriate level. Our class descriptions are meant to reflect what type of class you actually receive. How long you spend in basics classes is a personal choice, and the classes are designed so that you become comfortable eventually attending both mild and hot power flow classes. If you’re unsure about what level you should attend, talk to us. It’s your practice and your body. The teacher’s job is to stay ahead of the class, so will offer levels of intensity that you take to the degree that’s right for you. Learn the modifications and you will be comfortable in any class.

Where’s the bottled water? We installed a drinking fountain for your use – and Flourish water bottles are available. It’s a great habit to bring a water bottle to class to reduce waste, and to prevent adding to the Pacific island of plastic stretching from Cali to Japan.

I’m not flexible—can I practice flow yoga? Sure thing! Just be aware of where your body is today—and don’t worry about what other people in the room are doing. Do what works for you, and be patient with yourself. Flexibility increases through mindful awareness of breath and movement. Don’t judge yourself, and if something doesn’t feel good, breathe deeper and do less.


Students $10. (through college)

Drop-in $16.

6-classes $79.

11-classes $139.

Month-Unlimited $95. (3-month min.)

Monthly benefits:  Complementary mat storage at the studio; 10% discount on Flourish Market wares; Special Membership pricing on Workshops & Events;  Seasonal Members Only events and perks with the building partners – You’re Ready Now – It’s Mat Time!!

Peaceful Peanuts $16. per family

Private Lessons $ 85.  / Semi-Private (2 people) $ 99.


• Bring your sense of humor; this is yoga, not work. Laughter is the best remedy for all ails.

• Arrive 10 minutes early. Give yourself time to settle in – you’ll enjoy class more. If you’re running late (it happens) we give you 15 min after scheduled class start time to get on your mat.

• Remove your shoes in the desk area; do not wear them in the studio. We like bare feet!

• Put your cell phone away and turn it OFF, not vibrate unless you’re a doc on-call. We get that.

• Sign-in first before changing clothes or putting your mat down.

• Store large personal belongings in the cubbies, but bring valuables into the studio with you; better, get yourself a class-pass and leave that stuff home.

• Communicate your needs if you have injuries or dislike adjustments. Help us help you!

• Stay for savasana, it is the digestion of practice, so please don’t eat and run. If you must leave early (rarely, we hope) just let the teacher know in advance (so they don’t worry about you), and give yourself at least 2 minutes before you roll it up, and leave before everyone else hits savasana.

• Clean-up after yourself; put props away neatly; place mat rentals on the rack; dry the shower area if you use it, and place towels in the laundry bins.

Thank you in advance for your presence and your practice.  We wish you an abundant journey.  See you in class!   Welcome to Flourish.

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