Kindness.  “Be nice” our mamas said.  So simple.  So right.  Yet, we see often the highest worldly rewards going to those exhibiting completely opposite behaviors. Why does it work that way?  Well, if we want ‘good’ things to happen, then kindness comes without the expectation of reward. It’s naturally fulfilling, on its own.  Even better than that – kindness wires a pathway in your brain toward increased kindness and it begets itself.  Kindness breeds more kindness.  And the secret of all behaviors is that all of them – from brushing your teeth to saying “please” and “thank you” – wire pathways or routes in the brain that make those behaviors come more naturally, easily.  That’s how habits work too. Practice, practice and what you practice becomes a way of being.

Kindness – it starts with your word – keeping your word, being “impeccable with your word” to quote the first of The Four Agreements.  Start there and work on only saying what you mean, what you can commit to doing, under promising and over delivering. No one wants too much wind in their environment (:0) isn’t the word ‘blowhard’?) – because excessive wind makes quite a mess. Don’t we know it as hurricanes are routinely given people names!  So, be kind to yourself and right now forgive yourself the times you’ve not followed through – for when you may have prioritized other things over your word – then move on – and begin today – keep your word, say less (you’ll stay out of trouble), and begin to practice kindness with your word and your actions.  Good things are on their way!