How Yoga Works

June 23, 2017

How DOES yoga work? Here’e one way to describe it: as you root into your feet in standing poses, you release negativity into the earth – that strong, expansive receptacle of rebirth and regeneration. As you breathe and focus on your breath, you dispel limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.  From your feet (1st chakra, base)  and your head (7th chakra, crown) your root down to rise by becoming strong and light at the same time. This is referred to as sthira sukha asanam in Sanskrit, and represents the qualities of steadiness and ease. Read more here:

It’s also that amazing feeling derived from poses like half moon.  See you on your mat.

Carla Live!

I am so pleased to share our space with you in this TV interview segment called All About Town that serves the towns and villages on the East side of Rochester.  Whenever you get a chance to tell your story, you wonder “what did I leave out?” and “did I get the message across clearly?” Aside from some foot wiggles and saying ‘yeah’ a time or two, I would only add, if it didn’t come through, that I LOVE EAST ROCHESTER and am SO BLESSED to serve our Flourishing Community with yoga, movement, and an inquiry based studio.  AND, our TEACHERS are THE BEST – each and every one of YOU is a gift to our space and our mission.

Namaste Friends, Carla

Something about Anita

June 21, 2017

Come practice with Anita whose infectious energy and sense of humor carry you through a challenging, FUN yoga flow.  She’s quick and smart and will always make you laugh.  Anita is connected to people in the most genuine of ways.  She’s had her struggles, and keeps laughing. We adore her warm and wonderful ways, and so will you! These are some of her gifts.

Something about Eugenia….

November 1, 2016

Eugenia is like silk – beautiful and strong and you want her as your teacher, your guide, and your best friend because she listens, and shows up, and cares. You want to be in her presence for the way she connects, gives undivided attention, and generously shares her vast knowledge of Pilates and life. Eugenia has qualities that you want to emulate. She’s lived her dreams, yet is grounded and kind, and hasn’t let life’s tough spots harden her.  These are some of her gifts.  Practice Pilates with Eugenia, Thursdays 8:30 – 9:30 am and Sundays 10:30 – 11:30 am.

Something about Marissa….

September 11, 2016

Marissa creates flow in her classes and in her life.  She has a grace and a light beyond her years.  She connects authentically, and her voice is a powerful, yet gentle, wave.  Marissa understands how bodies work, how movement and meaning go together.  These are some of her gifts.  Practice with Marissa, Yoga in the Park – Wednesdays 6:00 – 7:15 pm at Edmund Lyons Park steps from the studio in the summer, and same time at the studio: candlelight vinyasa flow the rest of the year.

Something about Jenn….

August 31, 2016

Jenn is super smart, not because she’s also a PhD scientist and epidemiology researcher, but because she has an intuition of the world and the people around her. She connects easily with everyone, and her emotional intelligence makes you feel you’ve known her your whole life.  Jenn is authentic and courageous, and you just know your practice and your plans are safe in her hands.  These are some of her gifts.

Logo Inspiration

August 19, 2016
The koru and its infinite spiral form symbolizes the four pillars we aim to share in our yoga classes; movement, growth, strength, peace.

The koru, the shape on which the Flourish logo is based, means loop in Māori. It comes from nature and the silver fern frond native to New Zealand. Variations of it are used often in Māori art, carving and tattoos. Maybe because my first name starts with a C – I’ve always been drawn to how, in cursive, the tail spirals around itself to infinity. That feels like endless possibility to me. The koru has many meanings throughout the world. For Flourish Yoga Project, it symbolizes the four pillars that we aim to share in our classes and in our warm yoga home:  movement, growth, strength and peace. Through these four pillars, woven into our classes and workshops, we aim to infuse your days with a new life of calm in the chaos, harmony through the changes of life.  Join us as we flourish together!


Flourisher of the Month

Flourisher of the Month

My love affair with yoga began in the sixties. I was about ten years old. My father was doing his own yoga practice on the living room floor of our small city home. I would copy his poses. At first, it was a way to feel close to him, but as time went on, I also started feeling close to myself. Yoga calls this the “true self.” It was like magic! You come to the mat. You can be with others, and yet you are encouraged to go within. Get quiet. Observe the breath. There is enough space, mentally and physically, to be “alone”. Quiet, relaxed, strong, and safe. With others; yet alone. To me, this is the integrated practice of opposites. The “middle way.” I felt it then and I feel it now.

I was attracted to yoga because of my nature and because of the non-competiveness. I remember doing some practices from a teen magazine that helped with stress relief. It helped with my nervous nature. I took out books from the library. I practiced regularly as a young mother, especially with Eric Schiffmann and Ali McGraw’s iconic “Yoga Mind and Body” VHS tape. I took classes at community centers. Yoga helped me feel healthy, connected and productive.

In the early 2000s I joined Midtown Athletic Club. It is where I met Carla Giambrone. I fell in love with her classes and her Forty Day Workshop. Carla has the chops to get folks to “get real” and get connected with themselves and others. She encouraged us to share the thoughts and emotions that yoga brings forth in a safe environment. My friend Donna and I looked at each other and said, “No way!” Can’t we just do yoga and not deal with the “stuff” that comes up?

You can. You can do yoga for strength, balance and flexibility. But the real benefits are when you truly start to live the mind/body connection. I exploded with the hidden, difficult emotions during yoga teacher training in 2014. I was actually using my yoga practice as a way to avoid and deny many things that needed dealing with in an honest, open way. I was fifty and I was practicing heated power vinyasa six or seven days a week. In retrospect, it was like “cutting.” There is a fine line between hurting and feeling good. I did so much challenging practice, it numbed the emotional pain. I was crossing the line. Finally, it was too much. I ended up in the hospital and out of work for over two months.

It took three years from the “break through point” to find peace, excellent health and my “true self”…again. It was yoga that helped me find my way…again. I had a different relationship with my yoga at this point in my life. I learned to really listen to my body. I developed more patience with myself. I learned to set boundaries with myself and others. I learned to FLOURISH.

When you flourish, you are more connected. I was not sure how I would use my yoga teacher training when I finished the course, but the answers come when you are patient enough….still enough…. to wait and listen. I share my yoga with staff and students in Webster Central School District. I do this formally through classes for staff, an RTI structured study hall with students and the Varsity Football team. Yoga and Mindfulness also slip seamlessly into my Literacy classes. It really helps students relax and get ready to learn. But the place where yoga really “lights me up” is when it helps me to stay grounded and connected with students that really struggle because of personal issues. I feel a kinship with them. And for a moment, they can be their “true selves”. I have seen it resonate with these sweet souls. I see them relax, and I believe with all my heart that their continued practice of yoga and non-attachment will help them find their own way to FLOURISH.

Carla has always been there for me. She has this way of being simultaneously strong yet gentle; tough yet caring. Her classes flow fast and slow; contracting and expanding, standing and seated. It is that integrated balance of opposites that appeals to me and that I love. Thank you Carla, for sharing, teaching and opening your heart and this beautiful new studio!

Vickie Curry

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