There’s something just magical about connection – first conected to ourselves through meditative activities (i.e., meditation, yoga, music, creating art, sports, walking – whatever works for you).  And most of all, connection is especially sweet when we have those wonderful moments of connection to each other.  That feeling of ‘you get me’ that’s special and tender and so much fun. I’d love to hear how you connect to yourself and to your friends, family and loved ones.  Most often, it takes some quiet time without competing noise and motion to feel that resonance.  In psychological terms, connections to others that are close and healthy are referred to as ‘attuned.’  Daniel Siegel, MD describes attunement in his books as “how we focus our attention on others and take their essence into our own world.”  Think of the way a caring mother looks into the eyes of her baby.  It’s the present moment understanding of how another human being is feeling – an awareness in real-time to their internal, emotional state.  You know what that feels like – when you look into the eyes of your beloved and feel that they see you. They know you. We teach how to connect to ourselves first – how to be intimately aware of ourselves and how we feel so that we can meet the world with a quiet readiness – a connected body/mind energy that’s ready for anything.  Learn more about attunement on youtube:  HERE

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